Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a time-honoured craft, based on a hands-on-therapy, which is the theory that applying manual pressure to the soft tissue structures, that can promote change and the healing can be encouraged in musculoskeletal areas of pain and dysfunction.

The Soft tissue structures which means muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue.  At times of our life these can become, tired, aching, sore, overworked, under-used, strained, torn, and in need of treatment.  Remedial Massage is a soft tissue therapy that can assist and provide relief, from these muscular conditions.

At Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick we aim to provide targeted and beneficial massage treatments for relieving muscle aches and pains, and soft tissue dysfunction.  A Remedial Massage treatment can assist with injury recovery, post-surgery soft tissue management, rehabilitation and maintenance with a focus on being healthy and well.  Remedial massage is beneficial for pre and post activities and sporting events, and pre and post-natal massage.

At Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick we can use a variety of techniques during the treatment, including compression massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, massage, dry needling and stretching.

Some of the science and long-term benefits of Remedial Massage has been supported by Medical science.  This has been identified as the increase of blood flow, improving circulation, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, which promotes the healing cycle, and assists with restoring muscle function.  At Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick we work with our clients to establish what their needs are in the treatment.

Remedial Massage can be used to provide management for stress relief, restoring balance to the mind and body, increase range of movement and flexibility and muscle tension relief.  Remedial Massage is affective for many conditions and issue experienced from day to day stresses that are experienced by the mind and body.

Some conditions that Remedial Massage has been beneficial for:


Low back & upper back pain

Shoulder & neck pain

Hip & knee pain

Sciatic pain

Plantar fascia