At Remedial Massage Brunswick – verdelab, we have been practicing Remedial Massage and Myotherapists for over 20 years.  We use a range of techniques in our treatments, including remedial massage, myotherapy, dry needling, excercise prescription, targeted soft tissue therapy and relaxation massage.  If you need some soft tissue therapy for muscular aches and pains, or are recovering from an injury or carrying an on-going niggle, remedial massage and myotherapy can be extremely beneficial. We enjoy working with our clients to provide a remedial massage and myotherapy approach to managing muscular dysfunction, postural conditions, stress relief, and improve muscle relaxation and increase functional body awareness.  At Remedial Massage Brunswick we believe in a therapeutic, targeted and caring approach to our clients treatment requirements, and enjoy working with them to provide what their body needs.  We thoroughly enjoy working with our clients to improve their overall physical health and well-being, and believe massage and myotherapy play a strong role in moving well and being healthy and active.

At Remedial Massage Brunswick we aim to remain current with our techniques, and approach to treatment.  We find that expanding on our hands on techniques, and understanding is great for our clients outcomes.