We have added free click & collect (contact-less) & still have free delivery to Brunswick….

Excitingly we have added free click and collect (contact-less), and free delivery to Brunswick on all our products.  We have added a few fantastic gift-packs which make for great self-care pack or Christmas presents.

Treatment room opening date… Nov 2

We have been advised by DHHS that Remedial Massage and Myotherapy can resume face-to-face treatment from November 2nd.  According to the outline from the Melbourne Metropolitan roadmap this is the earliest date.  The on-line diary is open and available for bookings from that date.  Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you need to find out more details.

We are mindful of the current Covid-19 situation, and are being careful and diligent in our hygiene practices. Our clients health and safety, along with ours is extremely important to us. We are encouraging clients to inform us if they do not feel well, and we are allowing time between clients to allow for social distancing, and a thorough level of cleaning. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about our practice.

With lots of people working from home, we are very aware of the different stresses this can place on the body, and mind.  At Remedial Massage Brunswick we work closely with our clients to provide a treatment that meets their postural needs, along with creating a sense of calm and improve feelings of well-being.

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Brunswick has a focus on health, well-being, soft tissue injury management & injury recovery.  Include Massage and Myotherapy in your life, and notice an improvement in flexibility, movement and mobility!

Our Aim at
Remedial Massage Brunswick

We aim to provide a massage and myotherapy service, designed to treat the specific needs of your body, health and well-being.

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Brunswick can provide relief from on-going muscular dysfunction, aches and pains.  Massage is a highly effective manual treatment for soft tissue injuries, and can assist with chronic health problems.  Massage can be beneficial for improving circulation, and help manage headaches, back pain, and DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness), and can increase joint flexibility and mobility.   Remedial massage and myotherapy has proven to be a positive therapeutic treatment for anxiety, stress relief and creating a sense of calm within the body.  

At Remedial Massage Brunswick, we believe that massage is an integral part of looking after your body.  Myotherapy and remedial massage is a soft tissue therapy which can be applied as a therapeutic treatment for a range of ailments, as well as being used for injury prevention and a maintenance treatment.  The practitioners at Remedial Massage Brunswick enjoy working with their clients to provide a specific soft tissue massage approach to aid with muscular pain management, and help restore normal muscle function.    

As practitioners currently working at Remedial Massage Brunswick we have spent over twenty years assisting people recover from soft tissue injuries, and providing a service we believe helps people stay healthy, strong and well.  At Remedial Massage Brunswick we are dedicated to working with our clients to assist with managing specific soft tissues using techniques that are targeted to promote the cycle of healing, and promote recovery.

Massage is a time honoured craft, and at Remedial Massage Brunswick, we have spent many years working within the sporting industry, massaging clients, working on pre and post events, assisting clients to get the best out of their body.

At Remedial Massage Brunswick, we thoroughly enjoy working with clients at all stages of their pregnancy.  The practitioners at Remedial Massage Brunswick have been trained, and have spent many years working with clients during pregnancy, induction and post natal massage.  We have a lovely belly matt that provides comfort, and is great to lie in for some TLC.

The practitioners at Remedial Massage Brunswick are committed to continuous learning, and aim to provide and massage and myotherapy service that is committed to their clients needs.

Located at / Verde lab 110 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, 3057

Ph / 9388 0952

Clare Burrows mob / 0402 907 371     Anne Davies mob / 0414 490 329

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Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! Looking forward to seeing you in the Massage treatment room in 2020. We hope you’re enjoying a nice break and having the opportunity to relax and re-charge. We will be back in the treatment room from Monday January 13th, and available for home-visits from Monday January 6th 2020. Nicholson Street will be experiencing a change in traffic conditions in the earlier weeks of January whilst there is an upgrade to the tram stops and service. Keep hydrated during these warmer days, and stay well. See you in the treatment room from Monday January 13th. Feel free to get in contact to find out more about our home-visit service.

Wishing everyone a fun and relaxing last week before Christmas.  We are open until Saturday afternoon, and hope you can find the time to look after yourself and have a self-care treatment.

Having a remedial massage & myotherapy treatment can be an incredibly effective in managing headaches.  A massage can promote blood flow, and provide relief from a tight upper back and neck, which can assist with decreasing neck pain and headaches.

A massage a day at Remedial Massage Brunswick can help keep the aches and pains away!  We are pleased to announce we have extended our hours, and our now open six days a week.