Clare Burrows

Clare has been a practicing therapist since 2003, and is committed to assisting clients with their overall physical health and well-being.  Clare has spent time developing her understanding of soft tissue injuries, neck and low back pain. She has worked in the sporting industry, helping clients with regular remedial massage and myotherapy treatments to help manage soft-tissue dysfunction and muscular aches and pain.  

Along the massage and myotherapy journey Clare has worked with clients with postural conditions created from a busy working life, and active lifestyle. She provides a massage service for pregnant clients, during all stages of their pregnancy, and has trained in induction massage and pilates.  Clare is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia, and has been a team member of Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick since its opening.

Clare believes that remedial massage and myotherapy is an effective technique to manage general muscular dysfunction, and assist with enhancing health and well-being. 

Anne Davies

Anne is an experienced therapist with a passion for helping people to keep active and generally to cope with 21st century living.

Using an integrated approach in her practice she applies soft tissue therapy techniques (Remedial and Sports Massage and Dry Needle Therapy) to treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction that can arise from:

  • Postural issues
  • Stress
  • Exercise & sports
  • Injury
  • Pre- and post- operation  
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Pregnancy
  • Anne has worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 1990 and a Myotherapist since 2010, and is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia.  Anne has been a team member at Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick since it first began operating.  Anne has always worked closely with other health, exercise, rehabilitation and sports medicine clinicians to help optimise musculoskeletal function, reduce pain and enable activity, to support each patient’s general health and lifestyle.

Sean Kelliher

Sean is a highly skilled Remedial Massage Therapist with over 10 years’ experience, treating long term injuries and muscular dysfunction, by providing a targeted soft tissue massage treatment.  Sean has worked as a professional dancer and qualified teacher, which gives him a sound understanding of the body and how it can be affected by injury, pain and immobility.

Through years of clinical hands-on experience, mentorship and continued education, Sean has developed a diverse range of techniques which can be used to specifically tailor treatments to meet his clients’ individual needs.  Sean provides a high level of care through his remedial massage treatments that promote recovery and muscular pain relief.

Sean graduated as a remedial therapist from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, in 2008 and is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia. Sean has recently moved back to Melbourne, and has joined the team at Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick, bringing with him a breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge of remedial massage as a part of an approach to health and well-being.

Sean understands the importance of improving tissue quality, joint mobility, and correcting muscle firing sequences to combat chronic pain, and promote rehabilitation after injury. Each treatment with Sean offers clients pain relief, increased mobility, and advice, whether for specific sport/gym performance or maintaining a pain-free quality of life.  Sean is passionate about movement, health and fitness.

Alicia Carriero

Alicia has been practising as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2002 in a range of clinics, health retreats, gyms and day spas.  Alicia has also operated her own clinic which gave her the opportunity to establish herself even further. During her career Alicia has worked with a diverse range of clientele, tailoring treatments for a variety of soft tissue injuries and conditions.

Passionate about restoring the body to an equilibrium, Alicia gives an intuitive, thorough and effective treatment.  Alicia has a strong foundation in treating many conditions, including headaches, migraines, stress related conditions and muscular pain relief.

Alicia uses a range of targeted soft tissue therapy techniques, including cupping as a technique she finds therapeutically beneficial.  Alicia uses cupping when required, as part of her treatment plan as it assists with the treatment of trigger points, increasing blood to soft tissue structures and increasing lymph flow.  Cupping also assists with the reduction of oedema, and increases localised stretching of muscle fibres.  Alicia brings a wealth of experience in Remedial Massage Therapy to Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick.

Alicia is a qualified Naturopath completing her studies in 2005. With her wealth of information and dedication, Alicia strives in providing optimum care and well-being to her clients in a safe a warm, supportive environment.

Cauvery Shambu

Cauvery recently completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage, and brings with her great soft tissue therapy skills and a targeted hands-on approach to health and well-being.

We are extremely pleased to have Cauvery join our team at Verdelab Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Brunswick, as she brings a thorough understanding of the human body, and provides a great Remedial Massage treatment.

Cauvery has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the past eight years, and works and trains with a focus on long term and sustainable health and well-being. Cauvery has conducted classes in kick boxing, strength and conditioning and Pilates. Cauvery has recently completed a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and plans to complete honours after completing her degree.  The ideal goal of working with athletes to enhance their performance and help them with their recovery. Along with this, Cauvery is applying this knowledge to helping clients maintain and improve their overall health.

Cauvery has a great understanding of the human body, both practical and theoretically.   As a long-term student, Cauvery has a great understanding of the impact of sitting behind a desk working, and studying for extended periods of time. This has given her a working knowledge of how this lifestyle impacts our everyday life, and the muscular aches and pains that can have an impact on our posture.

Cauvery enjoys working with her clients and helping people manage their conditions, so they can have a better quality of life.