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Verde lab at Remedial Massage Brunswick

In our “Green Laboratory”, the therapists of Remedial Massage Brunswick have created a bespoke range of products so that you can continue to relax, heal and re-energise at home. Based on the natural oils and scents that we use in our clinic, these products have been lovingly hand-made in Melbourne using carefully selected eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients and materials.

Our Current Range of products includes

Gorgeous Soy wax candles, Skin Oils, Massage Blends, Aroma Room Sprays, Wheatbags & Eyepillows.

Current Candle Range

Hand-poured using 100 % soy wax, blended with pure essential oils and natural fragrances.  This range of therapeutic candles will burn beautifully in your home, creating a gorgeous aroma and casting a lovely light. Housed in their beautiful canister, eco friendly with a cotton wick, and a clean non-toxic burn.  The canister can be re-purposed once the candle has been enjoyed. This 300 gram candle, will burn for up to 60 hours of pure delight, and comes in a range of blended scents to suit your needs.  These candles have a lovely scent throw!

Sage leaf

A herbacous, fresh, subtle and calming aroma.


Warming, vibrant, like a subtle bouquet aroma, a natural fragrance blend.

Juniper Berry, lavandin & pomegranate

Fresh, uplifting, with a berry and fruit notes, with a floral undertone.

Lemongrass & cedarwood

Gorgeous sweet, earthy lemongrass blended with woody rich cedarwood.

Geranium, leather & oudh

Floral, leathery, earthy a blend of essential oils and natural fragrance.

Violet, jasmine, clove & patchouli

Floral a nice balance between Violet & Jasmine, balanced with grounding clove and patchouli

Lavender, bergamot & ylang ylang

Flowers and bergamot, rich, warming and luscious. A pure essential oil blend.

Cedarwood, sandalwood & peru balsam

A woody, earthy and enriching blend of essential oils and natural fragrance

Rose, bergamot & tobacco

Rose, sweet, musky, and grounding all at the same time. A blend of essential oils and natural fragrance.

Sweet orange, jasmine, lavender & pine

Sweet citrus with warm floral, fresh undertones. A delightful blend of essential oils and natural fragrance.