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Practitioner profile highlights – Sean Kelliher

Being passionate about dance and movement, Sean recently attended a training conference addressing dysfunctional firing patterns using Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT).

NKT uses Manual Muscle Testing in sequence to identify compensating muscles and restore functional pain free movement. The NKT protocol also addresses the neurological impact scars (recent, or long ago acquired), can have on the function of joints and muscles. Sean has been getting some great results applying this protocol, especially for clients with C-Section scars, who never felt they regained their optimal core function after pregnancy.

Sean has been practicing for over 10 years, and joined the team at verdelab Remedial Massage Brunswick in 2019, he brings a range of therapeutic hands-on skills. 

We are really excited to announce we have two new highly experienced Remedial Massage Therapists that have joined the team at Verde lab – Remedial Massage Brunswick.  Sean and Alicia bring with them over ten years of massage experience, both with their own treatment specific therapeutic style Remedial Massage.   

The benefits of massage and myotherapy have many layers. The physiological, the benefits to your body structures, increase blood flow to muscle tissue and tendons, promoting healing and healthy tissues. This assists your body to move well and feel more mobile. The positive psychological benefits of receiving a massage, include the feelings of well-being, relaxation which assists with stress relief. Massage and myotherapy, great for the body and the mind!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! Looking forward to seeing you in the Massage treatment room in 2020. We hope you’re enjoying a nice break and having the opportunity to relax and re-charge. We will be back in the treatment room from Monday January 13th, and available for home-visits from Monday January 6th 2020. Nicholson Street will be experiencing a change in traffic conditions in the earlier weeks of January whilst there is an upgrade to the tram stops and service. Keep hydrated during these warmer days, and stay well. See you in the treatment room from Monday January 13th. Feel free to get in contact to find out more about our home-visit service.

The benefits of combining massage and dry needling in a treatment is the targeted approach to treating areas that are tight, sore, aching or fatigued. Using dry needling as part of therapy for soft-tissue dysfunction, can often enhance and improve the outcome of the overall treatment. The increase in blood flow and neural stimulation from dry needling, used in conjunction with massage can assist with muscular pain relief, and encourage the healing cycle.

Massage can provide the body and mind with some long-term health benefits. Relaxation associated with lying on the massage table is where it starts.  Followed by an increase in blood flow, promoted by the massage strokes. This assists with an increase in nutrients and oxygen to the muscle tissue, which can have a positive effect on your soft tissue structures.  Along with the physical benefits, there is the sense of well-being and stress relief, provided by the targeted soft tissue treatment, which is highly therapeutic, and is nurturing for your mind and body

We have extended hours for 2019!  At Remedial Massage Brunswick we have been enjoying working with our client’s health and well-being needs.  Targeted soft tissue treatments can assist with relieving back, neck and shoulder pain.   Massage and myotherapy can be extremely beneficial.

We are feeling fresh and ready for 2019, and are thoroughly looking forward to working with our clients to assist them get the best out of their bodies. Soft tissue therapy, remedial massage & myotherapy is a great way to manage aches and pains, and to increase mobility. Move well. Be well!

Having a remedial massage & myotherapy treatment can be an incredibly effective in managing headaches.  A massage can promote blood flow, and provide relief from a tight upper back and neck, which can assist with decreasing neck pain and headaches.

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